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We’re looking forward to another exciting season of Yukon Football!  The tradition of the Red & White continues with Community Involvement and Support still a focus.


The team will soon be taking the field in one of the finest stadiums in Oklahoma.  Don’t miss your opportunity to be included in the 2024 Gameday Programs.  The programs are produced by the Yukon Quarterback Club and sold at each home Varsity game. 


We change the cover for each program, which encourages fans to buy multiple copies.  We also have giveaways at each game that are tied to the programs and encourage fans to not only purchase the program but look through the ads to find the signatures for the giveaways.  All this means more people looking at YOUR ADS!

ORDERS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 7/15/2024 to ensure your place in the program.  Historically we have run out of space, so don’t delay!

Ad specifications:

Ads should be submitted in a digital format (jpeg, PDF, tiff, etc.) according to the table below.  

Please Note: Images copied from an internet page will not work due to the resolution.


Orientation will be adjusted as needed to accommodate ad layout.






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